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heard or felt before. go, go, go, man gloria gloria yo, oh, oh ♪ oooh ♪ it's not marie you're killing me, son, you're killing me. one of the prettiest tunes we ever recorded, if not the most popular, and it was recorded by every group on the east coast. everybody did a cover on this ditty. but we're very proud to say we're the first one that put it on the doo wop map, that's right. yes, we did. ♪ gloria ♪ gloria ♪ do do do ♪ it's not marie ♪ gloria ♪ it's not sherie ♪ gloria ♪ she's not in love with me ♪ can't you see ♪ it's not marie? ♪ gloria ♪ it's not sherie ♪ gloria ♪ but she's not in love with me ♪ ♪ bom bom bom bom ♪ ooh ♪ gloria ♪ hum ♪ i think there's an importance to this music. i call this music either classic rock-and-roll or classic rhythm and blues or original american rock-and-roll. one or the other. and i say that because people seem to be astounded that this music is around 40 years later, but they're not astounded that ragtime jazz is around 80 years later or that classical music is around 200 years later. it is, to
by a narrator... narrador: aquí está carlos. carlos también tiene una esposa. se llama gloria. carlos y gloria tienen dos hijos: una hija, juanita y un hijo, carlitos. narrator: and the spanish spoken by raquel as she reviews major and minor highlights of the episode. fernando tiene cuatro hijos: una hija, mercedes y tres hijos, ramón, carlos y juan. while you will probably understand most or all of the spanish spoken by the narrator and by raquel during her review segments you are not meant to understand word for word the conversational spanish. ¿qué pasa? ¿fernando está mal? sí. ¿cuándo puedes venir a la gavia? as the characters speak let their actions and the context of their conversation guide your understanding. in this episode, you will learn how to express certain family relationships in spanish. mis hijos. sí, sí, mis hijos. habla pedro castillo. and now, on with the story of don fernando. ¿qué haces aquí? pati, tengo malas noticias. ¿qué pasa? es papá. está muy mal. captioning of this program is made possible by the annenberg/cpb project and the geraldine r. dodge fou
, gloria allred jumping in the middle of allred jumping in the middle of the general petraeus it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management >>. >> greta: a new twisted in the general petraeus sex scandal. twin sister of a woman at the center of the scandal has hired gloria allred. you heard right. today jill kelley's sister appeared at a news conference but refusing to answer questions about her links to general petraeus and general john allen. they wrote letters during her bitter custody battle with her ex-husband. is this just a side show. joining us is political panel. weekly standard steve hayes. just tin sink and byron york. i know you have been dying to talk to gloria allred. don't last steve because you are next. >> this is lawyer who seeks publicity. she kind of parachutes into notorious cases as she did in the cain matter and sandra
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. but the rolex is just part of the status symbolism. as abc's gloria riviera tells us, any self-respecting mogul needs a special kind of protection. >> reporter: exactly how i found myself pinned by an angry chinese woman in a head lock and eating sand is complicated. what i can tell you is this. no, it's not an asian version of "g.i. jane." these women are training to be on the mercenary must-have list on china today. female bodyguards. there are well over 200 billionaires in this country. almost a million millionaires. for many of them, private protection by women, not men, is the ultimate status symbol. answering this rising demand is this man, who once worked as a bodyguard for superstar jackie chan. working a deep tan and tight armani t-shirts, he's part general patton, part self-promoter, with his own personal cameraman. at his genghis security school, which he says is the first of its kind in china men and women train side by side for 30 days. despite the physical risk, women from across china want in. this woman is one of them. she's 24 years old and dropped out of medical school to come
and gloria borger. gloria, let me start with you. you think the onus is on the president to set the tone here. do you think that's because he bears more responsibility in this situation than the republicans or because he's got a better ability as president to set the tone? >> you know, he just got re-elected as president of the united states. i think when you're president, it's incumbent upon you, we are going to hear from him tomorrow, to set the tone for negotiations, to extend the olive branch and say you know what, i want to work with the folks on the other side of the aisle, i'm not saying that the president has to completely compromise with himself before he sits down at a table. i know he's not going to do that. but to me, anderson, the problem is, i was listening to olympia snowe, the problem is that nobody got punished for bad behavior in this election. everybody can take something away from it and say okay, the public is with me. >> yeah, but david, to gloria's point, all this election we heard from both candidates, mitt romney and from president obama and from all their supporters
. >>> feminist icon gloria steinem says it could be lost tuesday night. the stakes and the victims next. >>> but first as we head down the home stretch of the presidential campaign, we wanted to look at the closest races in election history. we're not talking vote counts or parjs. just electoral votes since that's what decides presidential elections. here's our top four list. george w. bush and al gore. the closest race. the disputed florida vote went bush's way giving him the win by just five electoral votes. numb beer three, it's three. 1796 john adams became our second president with a narrow win over thomas jefferson. adams served two terms before jefferson became the third president. after the break, the two closest races. the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit. ask for transitions adaptive lenses. check with your employer to see if your vision plan covers transitions brand lenses. and discover the benefits of
, yes. ms. maufas, yes. ms. mendoza, yes.y>íojs ms. -- >> i believe gloria moalt is here the director of-4#kwñ the n education program. commissioners, and superintendent. this recognition on behalf of the indian education program title 7, the parent advisory in general. the indian education program is a federally funded program that supports the unique educational and cultural academic needs of the american indian alaskan native students and we come out of the office of instruction where state funded programs are housed andi!)mdn< our office is currently at cesar chavez elementary school, bungalow 2. this program is unique because it requires a parent advisory committee to be set in place to guide the distribution of funds, and the committee is comprised of parents, guardians, teachers, youth representative, community members, and the pac looks at district data and determines the following objectives. this year's objectives are graduation, reading, writing, ald math. and it makes me super happy to -- after two and a half years of being program coordinator that the program has grown w
alimentos y anuncio retiros voluntarios de otros medicamentos mientras continuan las investigaciones gloria sanchez/vocera del fda "tra compania farmacy tambien esta retirando los productos del mercado voluntariamente porque los productos tenian problemas pero nada mas por precausion en lo que continua las investigaciones todas las victimas de la meningitis fungica recibieron inyecciones de esteroides fabricado por una farmacia en massachusetts... hasta el momento la mayoria de las muertes se han reportado en estados como tenesse (11) y michigan (7)... 3 muertos se reportaron en florida y indiana... las autoridades en virginia dieron a conocer de 2 muertes y una en maryland. "es una forma inusual y mortifera de meningitis causado por un hongo y no se transmite de persona a persona es tratable, indico." la fda, agencia que investiga el brote dio a conocer los nombres de mas de 80 hospitales que portaban el esteroide inyectable distribuidos por el laboratorio new england compounding center laboratorio que seria responsable del brote. gloria sanchez/vocera del fda "las personas que esten
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-old son malcolm in the arms of his wife gloria. >> and here's sharon cobb, pediatric nurse practitioner with a syringe in malcolm's mouth. nor ar gloria is standing there, just tears extremie inine ining -- s down her face, agony written all over her face. >> these syringes found later were filled with cyanide to kill the children. >> all they're doing is taking a drink to go to sleep. that's what death is, sleep. >> malcolm was dead. his little lips covered with foam, which is what happens with arsenic and cyanide is it foams at the mouth. i put my arms around gloria as she was holding malcolm and just kept on sobbing, i love you so much, i love you so much. i held gloria until she died. >> the vat, the vat. where's the vat with the green -- bring it here so the adults can begin. >> jones' last self-serving words as the tape ends. >> we didn't commit suicide. we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world. >> jim jones did not drink the cyanide. when almost everyone else was dead, jones was shot in the head. probably by a trusted aide. befor
to the show. with us new york magazine's john heilemann. cnn's gloria borger. the grio and msnbc's joy reid. and the huffington post howard fineman. first up, here we are in the time capsule. the weekend before the election asking why is this so close? still so unpredictable. both men face big hurdles to getting elected and that's why it's so close. president obama's got the jobless he inherited but can't quite beat. friday's new jobs report was encouraging but gains are still behind what we need. in a reflection of that, 62% of voters say they would like or want major changes in an obama second term. and on the other side, mitt romney's a challenge that normally blocks any presidential candidate. not even 30% of voters think he understands the average american. john, these are amazing handicaps. the unemployment situation still high. sort of remoteness of mitt romney from the voter. they both carry these burdens. is this why it's so close? >> yes. in one word. and i'll give you a few more. what the president has been unbootable incumbent for really his entire term in office. you think abou
congresista de california que nos cuenta como llegÓ a washington y gloria ne ggrete. >>> cataluÑa quiere separarse del resto de espaÑa, estÁ con nosotros uno de los miembros del movimien movimiento separatista. comenzam comenzamos. vamos al punto con jorge ramos. >>> esto es lo habÍamos oido, el presidente de estados unidos dijo que a principios del prÓximo aÑo se va a buscar una reforma migratoria para legalizar a millones de indocumentados, esto dijo en su conferencia. >>> tenemos que aprovechar el momento, espero que se pueda presentar un proyecto y comience el proceso en el congreso poco despuÉs de mi toma de posesiÓn. hay conversaciones sobre como llevaroy llevarlo a cabo. >>> serie de conversaciones, la idea es seguir hablando de una reforma migratoria hasta que se concrete invitando a los amigos de los. estÁ vÍa satÉlite desde el congreso, gracias por estar con nosotros una vez mÁs. >>> un placer estar contigo. >>> querÍa preguntarle de la presentaciÓn del ex general de la cia en el comitÉ que haya ve habÍan sectores que habian pensado que la razÓn de su denuncia e
in the political panel. gloria borger is joining us and our cnn contributor ross doff fit and the former adviser, van jones, the co-founder of rebuild the dream. gloria, even a majority of republicans in the latest poll said tax increases should be part of the fiscal cliff solution. add that to the election results and the exit poll results. how much do all those numbers change the political equation for the gop right now? >> it's hard to say definitively, wolf. it changes the equation a little bit. what's more interesting and what you hear from senator corker and the rest is this sort of see mantic question, not arithmetic but semantics. it's the question of when is the tax increase not really a tax increase? if you don't raise the top rate as you talked to the senator about before, but you do cap deductions for the wealthy? does that count as a tax increase? in my book it does count as a tax increase, but would republicans then be able to say, well, we didn't raise the top rate? so i think what we see going on right now, wolf, is a lot of theatrics. you see some republicans in the senate, and
a special guest, gloria steinhem joining me next, you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. time for the entrepreneur of the week. cath lien and susan are encouraging customers to shop local, created ladies night in burbank, california, to boost sales staying open late. support your local retailers on november 24th for the third annual small business saturday. for more watch your business this sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. president obama: there's just no quit in america... and you're seeing that right now. over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where... we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan, so we can... do some nation-bui
ex campeones del mundo vinieron a despedirse de Él. que tanta gloria le dieron a puerto rico. >>> no puedo hablar mucho por mis cuerdas vocales tengo problemas. es uno de los mejores campeones. y un hombre hu mil di. un hombre que impuso mucha moda. la moda de la ropa. >>> no tensiÓn palabras, no puedo hablar. no tengo palabras nachito junior, dijo estar impresionado bien con el cariÑo de la gente. >>> mi padre tenÍa un corazÓn de oro imaginando y viÉndolo. >>> mientras tanto las 2 personas de interÉs en el asesinato del macho se declaraban inocente su caso tomÓ otro giro cuando joshua fue arrestado de intento de asesinato por un caso no relacionado que ocurriÓ en san juan y estarÍa involucrado su amigo jesÚs naranjo. >>> en esta tes pedida acÁ macho lo vistieron de blanco y en su cuello cuelga una cadena de oro ciento y ciento de personas vinieron a decirle adiÓs. se entregÓ a la policÍa. fri las empleadas. y los beneficios de utilizar la mamografÍa como mÉtodo de diagnÓstico para el cÁncer de mamÁ sube de tono. el estudio de lourdes del rÍo. >>> la contr
.y>íojs ms. -- >> i believe gloria moalt is here the director of-4#kwñ the indian education program. >> good evening everybody.mmçz commissioners and superintendent. i amnu this recognition on behalf of the indian education program title 7 the parent advisory committee, teachers, students and the community in general. the indian education program is a federally funded program that supports the unique educational and cultural academic needs of the american indian alaskan native students and we come out of the office of instruction where state funded programs are housed andi!)mdn< our office is currently at cesar chavez elementary school bungalow 2. this program is unique because it requires a parent advisory committee to be set in place to guide the distribution of funds and the committee is comprised of parents guardians, teachers, youth representative, community members and the pac looks at district data and determines the following objectives. this year's objectives are graduation, reading writing ald math. and it
. according to gloria romero you get 10 minutes per time. are you violating gloria -- mount, got that on point. point of procedure, point of procedure is anyone from the audience can raise their hand and yell time to any speaker. is that correct? no? okay. so my grandfather's general douglas mcauthor our country's first five star general in history. his parade after serving 30 years to this countries was in san francisco. my grandfather scouted gold. i am sir jesse mcarthur. mayor ed lee, christina loggy and the sheriff have 24 hours to resign. i have all the signatures right now. i have every signature i";( @ this is the recall state and local officials. this here guides local election and recall elections. they're done for. the days of people like this, my friends across the aisle, trying to bribe the people and say we'll pay for it ourselves, it's called bribery. i have the treasurer collecting the tax dollars. we need innovation not organized crime. we need family businesses. together to cause solutions to our problems that we have together. the traffic is a manifestation of what's going o
recuerdan. >> como un deportista que le trajo mucha gloria a puerto rico. >> ellos dieron esas declaraciones en los Ángeles donde pidieron alto a la violencia en puerto rico. >> estar en el sitio equivocado a la hora equivocada. >> van a ustedes a cuidarse de cierta manera. >> es que una cosa pues no tendría que ver con la otra, tú puedes estar en cualquier sitio con las personas indicadas, eso es eldestino. >> preocupados están con la salud de otras compatriotas. >> siempre deseando lo mejor a alex, es un artista del género, lo conozco desde antes, espero q se mejore mucho. >> ¿qué agradecen ustedes?. >> por la salud, tenemos un lema, somos unos guerreros que estamos acá en la tierra para luchar, después que dios nos de la salud, lo demás la buscamos nosotros. >> regresamos a los estudios. >> y vamos a hablar de otro talento, más fuerte regresa many manuel tras el atentado que sufrió en la isla, su nuevo sico está listo y acá les presentamos el estreno de su vide musical, el peor de mis fracasos, que lo disfruten. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ se llama el peor de mis fracasos pero seg
que más veces entrevistó al exboxeador. >>> así es, tropiezos y muchas glorias, en más de 7 ocasiones entrevistamos a héctor "el macho" camacho, estuvimos con él en su boda, era un hombre sincero, de buen corazón y de gran carisma, en una ocasión dijo que era un loco que no le hacía mal a nadie. >>> era su famosa frase, que adoptó antes de ser una gloria del boxeo, donde escribió un gran capítulo ,al ganar en 7 diferentes divisiones, era llamativo al tener esta colita que mantuvo hasta el final, le puso nombre antes de su enfrentamiento con Óscar de la hoya. >>> se llama Óscar de la hoya. >>> oscar de la hoya se llama. >>> se enfrentó ante julio césar chávez, tito trinidad, también tuvo tropiezos y arrestos. >>> yo usaba marihuana, la cocaína y también con caché. >>> cómo se usa. >>> pues, me dices a mí .... >>> esa entrevista fue en un centro de rehabilitación en orlando, con quien se casó con amy torres. >>> quisiera que un día pueda ser padre para sus hijos. >>> ese día, denunciaron su abandono para ella y sus hijos. >>> mantenerlos, los mantengo. >>> compart
the fbi to so-called threatening e-mails from general petraeus' mistress. here's fox's gloria gomez with who is kelley. >> reporter: jill kelley was known as an extravagant south tampa most he is with an impressive military -- hostess with an impressive military guest list, married to dr. scott kelley, a inent bay area surgeon. the power couple rubbed elbows with the top of the top military brass including general david petraeus and his wife holly. now it has emerged she had frequent contact with another four star general, john allen, the general in charge of the afghanistan war. the a.p. reports some of the e-mails were flirtatious. before afghanistan general allen was deputy commander at dill air force base. sources say jill was a frequent visitor to mcdill. while she didn't have an official role at the base, a military spokesperson says she volunteered for a military supporter and would often arrange tours for foreign visitors and prepare care packages for soldiers. now the bay area socialite finds herself in the middle of an ever growing scandal. kelley just hired washington po
programs and for defense spending. they will go into effect as well. it's a big issue. >> gloria, i want to bring you into the conversation. we're looking at pictures obviously in the east room getting set up there for this statement. it is not a press conference. it is simply going to be a statement here. i guess they'll do the tough negotiating behind the scenes, if you will, and not their hands either way opinionically, but we did hear from a speaker john boehner with just within the last hour or so making his case for why it is that wealthy americans should not have their taxes go up. here's what he said. >> the number one issue is about the economy and jobs. everyone wants to get our economy moving again. everyone wants to get more americans back to work again. raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. let me know here. he says that everything on the revenue side and on the spending side has to be looked at, so is that a window? is he opening up an opportunity here for compromise and for negotiations? >> sure. i think he is. i mean
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 254 (some duplicates have been removed)